Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Mid July Update

Offering a mid July update in lieu of anything of substance in June (read not post). I'm still diligently working on the Dead Drop short film. My goal was to finish it by the end of June, however that has not happened due to the real job and other goings on. My new goal is to have Dead Drop completed by mid August or sooner.

...And now a screen cap to show it is a real project with real actors.

Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Jon Archer

Born and raised in Hartford, CT 88.12.12; later attended Yale University and graduate school at Columbia University. Through 2015 maintained residence in New York working for multiple financial institutions. In 2020 was indicted on multiple criminal charges including embezzlement and fraud. Served 2 years in federal prison and was released on probation. Whereabouts unknown from 2020 – 2025; reappeared on the grid in Chicago, IL working for Synapse, Inc. 2028 Federal investigation of Synapse, Inc. uncovered incidences of both national and international corporate espionage. Approached by the agency in 2030, agency saw potential Asset attributes based on active experience in corporate espionage with Synapse, Inc. Asset was offered and accepted embedded NOC role in exchange for pardons of all current and future crimes. Official exchanges commenced 30.06.15.


Here's a look at a short film I worked on recently. Produced by Good Soil Films, Kismet is the story of a lottery ticket and how it changes the lives of four individuals.

Directed by Thomas Clapper and shot on a RED Scarlet with DP Troy Bakewell.

I found it to be both fun and informative working with people who have varying degrees of experience.

Video is on Vimeo Here.

Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Dead Drop Short Film

My second short is officially wrapping up pre-production, Dead Drop will begin shooting in May. I was lucky enough to get John Edel on board to play the protagonist and look forward to working with him.

I am hopeful that post production of my co-produced short film A Deck of Cards will be completed sometime in the next few months. The delays as of recent have been due to my participation in a couple of short films for students at Crown College. If I am able I'll post those here, or links to them here.

Sunday, February 24, 2013

Action Shooting

For shits and giggles, and to get a little practice with my 60D, I shot some footage of a recent indoor action shooting league. Most videos you see of this sport are short cell phone videos of people having buddies film them for fun. I thought it would be different to do sort of a narrative short.

At the end of the night my friend brought up the fact that he's never seen a documentary on action shooting, and neither had I, though I never went looking for one. So with that, I've been mulling over the idea of shooting a documentary. The only down side to such a project is budget. I'm missing a lot of gear that would be needed, and nice to have, to shoot a proper documentary. Along with gear is travel, as the majority of the matches are at minimum a 45 minute drive. Lastly, I'm almost positive that my own shooting will take a hit due to the effort that I'd put into capturing footage at each match in which I intend to compete.

So.... Will this happen? I'm not sure, I need a lot of things to to make it happen. I've been reaching out to a few friends to gauge interest in help and also been thinking about Kickstarter or similar for funding. We'll just have to see, enjoy the video.

Thursday, February 14, 2013

Holy Post Gap Batman!

What a gap between posts, my intention was to post at minimum once a month. Alas, real life got the better of me.


A Deck of Cards, my first short will be ready within the next few weeks. Video post is taking way longer than expected. Final edits are to be made this Saturday as well as sound design and any needed ADR. For everyone out there here's a little teaser of the short. Keep checking back for when it's finally complete!

Wednesday, July 25, 2012

It's Official

As the title states, it is official. First truly published work that I have been involved with has been released. DVDs have been sent out and film festival submissions made. Expect to see a link to be able to view on-line shortly. Though it's only been a few weeks since Archetype's release I feel that I have been very, very lazy as of late.

I need to get back in gear and going on my next project A Deck of Cards. ADOC, as I like to call it, is a short film written by Jack Kentala (Transmissions, Archetype) and myself.  This short, as well as future shorts, will be my first foray into writing and directing. These forthcoming shorts will also be my stepping stones to a personal project I've been slowly building, and yes it has a title because everyone likes titles, Project Monochrome will hopefully be the culmination of a these upcoming shorts.

As I start putting forth a bit more effort into personal projects as well as commercial projects expect to see more postings on this site.